Father charged in accident that killed wife and his two kids

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LITCHFIELD, IL (KTVI)-- A father has been charged with a DUI in an accident that killed his wife and their two children near Litchfield, Illinois.

The Macoupin County State Attorney’s Office could be filing additional charges soon.

This all started last Friday when the Chevy Impala the McGee family was traveling in was struck from behind by a van.

Illinois State Police say Alfredo McGee, Sr. was driving the car on Interstate 55 when it appeared to stop in the middle of the interstate. McGee`s wife and two sons were killed in the crash. The driver of the van was quickly cleared, but police believe McGee may have been drinking and driving.

Now because of his injuries, McGee was not arrested but will have to appear in court.

He is with his two young daughters, who also survived the crash.

Family members are still supporting McGee and say that the car stopped on the interstate because of an engine problem.

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  • ByeByeToTheRite

    The driver of the van was “quickly cleared”?? After hitting a stopped vehicle from behind? Wow – only in America. I’m sure had the van driver been drinking, then he would be at fault – DWI must be the only cause of accidents, according to the sadly uninformed.


    no matter how it happened it is still a tragedy and trust me don’t believe what you read in the paper because they seem to dramatize it. Prayers to the famlies involved.

  • steve

    I still say the family should have the car checked and make sure it was not a transmission issue. The impala is known for the transmission locking up while driving. i have towed a few for that issue.

  • lg

    they believe he was impaired, was he tested? do they have the results? because it also says they have tested and cleared the van driver. Why is it taking more than a week for his results…I smell a rat…

  • Aimee

    Uh you can fit 4 kids in the back of an impala especially smaller children and where in the article does it say kids weren’t strapped in?? My guess on am interstate and being at a dead stop and getting hit from behind would more than likely cause some demise.. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out!!!!

    • Margaret

      I can’t believe any of the children were in carseats as they should have been. Hard enough to have three children in the backseat, but Four?

  • amanda

    I’m confused… did the kids make it or not? It says the wife and 2 kids died but then it says that the father is with his 2 daughters who servived?

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