State officials may be partly to blame for failed school district

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- You Paid For It investigates a decision by the state of Missouri that may have contributed to the current financial crisis the Normandy School District finds itself in, the decision to merge the failed Wellston School District with Normandy which was just provisionally accredited back in 2010.

We've now learned the state had concerns about the decision from the start but pushed on anyway.

I confront Missouri Governor Jay Nixon and the education commissioner about the decision that may have sent the teetering Normandy School District over the brink.

Now Normandy struggles with paying bus and tuition costs to send transfer students to accredited districts like Francis Howell.

The crisis could ultimately leave Normandy $15 Million in the hole and require a multimillion dollar bailout by the Missouri taxpayers as the district faces insolvency.

We ask the governor if it's time for a shake-up in the Missouri Education Department in light of official’s mistaken judgment.

We also caught up with the Governors Education Commissioner Chris Nicastro, wait till you hear how she defends her ill fated recommendation. On You Paid For It.

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