Cherokee surveillance video shows a calm shooter, seconds before killings

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Surveillance tape from this summer`s office shooting on Cherokee Street, shows a suspect who appears calm, just minutes before the murder suicide. This exclusive video from FOX 2 leaves no doubt about what happened.

You will only see what happens around the scene of the murder/suicide because there wasn't a camera in the room with the killings. However, the images may still haunt you.

Jesse Redd started to cry as soon as he got out a picture of his late wife Bernice.

Redd said, 'The good lord blessed me with her because with my health and everything, she made sure that I eat right, took my medicine, she did everything for me.'

On June 13th, Redd was in his doctor`s waiting room. He said, 'She always goes to the doctor with me. She was supposed to meet me at the V.A. at 2 p.m.'

He talked about what he could hear on the television behind him. 'We have breaking news that they had this shooting down there on Cherokee. And I thought I`d better drive down there, because I kept calling my wife on her phone. I didn`t ever get no answer.'

She told him she had a meeting at Noon. Surveillance shows each employee of AK Home Health Care walk into work at 2715 Cherokee street. You can see Bernice and the shooter Ahmed Dirir. The two other people he shot and killed were his relatives Saeed Abdulla and Khadra Muse. You can see Muse`s head pop out the office door, the last time she`ll ever be seen.

According to the police report, Dirir`s relatives were about to start a new company without him. They`d even looked at a new possible office. The landlord told police that Dirir knew about it because he`d been asking, `Tell me when my relatives are going to leave.` The relatives gave notice they were packing up, the week before the killings.

Dirir appears calm before the shooting. He walks out the front door with a woman. He talks to herand she leaves without knowing what`s about to happen. Later Dirir goes outside to smoke. He appears to be arguing. He raises his hands, maybe arguing again, then returns to the office to begin shooting. If you watch the wall, you can see what looks like smoke as a bullet pierces the drywall. 30 seconds pass and you see another gun shot.

Jesse Redd has played it out in his mind repeatedly. He thought out loud, 'when he shut the door, he pulled his pistol out and bang, that`s how close when he hit my wife in the head. Bang -- hit her, then his brother couldn`t get out. He chased her then he killed them in there. Then he killed himself. That`s the way I figured it how he did `em. Cause I know my wife. If she had a chance, because she had a black belt you know... that`s how fast he did it. She didn`t get a chance to get up.'

Two people upstairs heard shots and climbed out onto the roof to escape. A woman in a room next door and ran outside.

Then another woman, without a clue what had just happened, walked right by the murder suicide. She continued walking upstairs where other people were hiding on the roof.

Another woman, who was hiding in a room next door, ran outside after calling 911.  Less than one minute later, St. Louis Police entered. The video helped them quickly close the case.

But it`ll never give Jesse Redd complete closure as he thinks about all of the great things his wife did.

Redd said, 'It`s hard but, what she did , it reminds me, because I`m in there cooking for myself. I do the things she did. I do my wash.'

Reporter Chris Hayes added, 'She survives through you .'

Redd answered, 'Yes.'

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