What Obamacare means to the self-insured

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(KTVI)- Is Obamacare causing people who are self-insured or who run small businesses to lose their current health insurance? In many cases, the answer is yes. That’s because the Affordable Care Act requires policies to cover things like mental health and maternity and because it says people can't face more than $6,400 a year in out of pocket medical expenses. Policies that don’t meet those standards are being cancelle, mostly for individuals who are self-insured.

We've known something like this was coming since 2010 when the law was passed, but the reality of higher prices and fewer doctor choices are angering a lot of people.

Charles Jaco sat down with someone who deals a lot of those angry people. Vince Blair, with the Vincent K. Blair Agency in Webster Groves, is a professional insurance broker who sells health insurance policies to people who insure themselves.

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