Battle over Rev. Larry Rice’s shelter back in City Hall

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - The battle over a downtown homeless shelter returns to City Hall on Tuesday. Loft district residents and business owners want the city to close the Reverend Larry Rice's shelter.

The board of public service is looking at whether New Life Evangelistic Center should keep its city hotel permit. Rice plans to testify at 1:45pm.

In September, a police officer said he's seen fights and drug deals at the site. A woman also testified she was assaulted by someone staying at the shelter.

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  • Laura

    This story is a travesty. I have been following this story for months. It is such a “witch hunt”. Homelessness is an UNCOMFORTABLE TRUTH. It IS UNCOMFORTABLE to live in upscale housing when there are people who have no where to go living just down the street. It IS UNCOMFORTABLE when you are UNABLE TO BLINDLY enjoy your luxurious lifestyle. NLEC has been in that very same place LONG BEFORE BUSINESSES AND THE WEALTHY DECIDED TO MOVE THERE. It WAS THERE PROVIDING HELP for those who had no where else to turn. IT WAS THERE when DEVELOPERS DECIDED….”Hey, lets build LUXURY LOFT APARTMENTS!!” This is so appalling.

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