Boston Red Sox say “Thank you” to Cardinals, fans with full-page ad

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- ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - What`s black and white and read all over?  That would be today's Boston Red Sox ad in the Post Dispatch.

'I literally saw the ad this morning and thought what a classy move by the Boston Red Sox,' says Nancy Long the vice president for marketing.

For many turning to page three of today's post was a pleasant surprise.
The Red Sox took out a full page ad to say," Your region, its people and the entire Cardinal`s organization represent everything that's great about baseball."

'The owner as you probably know of the Red Sox is also the owner of the Globe, John Henry,' says Long.  'So he clearly knows the ability to reach the biggest audience in St. Louis is to run a full page ad full color in our newspaper.'

This new sense of civility in sports actually began last year when the Chicago Blackhawks beat the Bruins to win the Stanley Cup, and then took out an ad in the Boston Globe to thank the team and its fans for a great final.

'I think it's great,' says Wade Quarles.  'It demonstrates the mutual respect between the two cities and two of the greatest baseball teams in the history of the major leagues.'

'I mean I thought it was a nice gesture,' says Lucretia Payne.  'I guess you could say a little bitter sweet but I thought it was really a nice thing for them to do.  Very thoughtful and um, hopefully sincere.'

'I mean they're serious about baseball and that's their favorite team for sure,' says Larry Wolters, a former Boston resident.   'But they go a different crazy over there.'

While this tip of the cap to the Cardinals, the fans and the city of St. Louis is nice.
It'd be even better if we could pay that forward next October...and send a thank you note of our own.
Patrick Clark, fox 2 news.

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  • Mary Duncan

    Thanks Boston Red Sox-St. Louis has a lot of Great things about Our City-and We are truly proud of Our Cardinals-Both Teams put forth a strong effort-This was your year Happy for Yous-But Next Is Ours.!!! U have a great team We also have a great team-We Love Our Cardinals-very proud of Them. Their winners with the St. Louis fans no matter how the World Series comes out-we can always look forward to next year.

  • Judy Zillion

    I am a Cardinal fan, wishing that they would win, but, you know, Boston has been thru a lot this year. I am glad they won.

  • cynthia gierer

    I was unfortunately out of the country until game 5 of the World Series. When I arrived at Lambert, I saw the welcoming St. Louis extended to
    the Red Sox. I was so excited to get to the stadium for our last home game, and ultimately very proud of the way the fans had welcomed the Sox!. It says it all when we “Are a Living Example” of A true city with heart and soul…..We are Always proud of our Cardinals and The city that shows the True Spirit of Baseball!! Thank you for yet another fun filled season…..looking forward to the many fun games in 2014!!!

  • Michelle

    I really do appreciate this article. I have lived in the city all my life and we are always getting bad press saying we are one of the most dangerous cities in America. I love that people got to see that we are a welcoming group of people.

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