Find out what gifts your legislator receives from local lobbyists

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Do you want to know more about how organizations are influencing legislators in the state of Missouri?  St. Louis Public Radio built an entire website packed with data on “Show-Me-State” lobbying.  The project is a partnership between St. Louis Public Radio and NPR using information from the Missouri Ethics Commission.  They have collected data that details lobbyists’ spending.

Their database details names of lobbyists, lawmakers, gifts and a description of the transactions.  They have made all of this information available to the public.  You can download the full database here.

St. Louis Public Radio has gone one step further.  They have organized the information into easy to understand charts and graphs.  You can see all of it on  They also have a section where you can search for what your legislator has received from your address.  Give it a whirl here.


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