Littering charges filed after puppies’ throats slashed

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JEFFERSON COUNTY, MO  (KTVI)-- There is an active warrant for a Jefferson County man who is accused of slashing the throats of two puppies and leaving them in a creek behind his home, according to Jefferson County Court documents.

Twenty-year-old Kyle Busby is charged with two counts of littering with carcasses. They are misdemeanor charges.

He said he slashed their throats because they were sick, according to the probable cause statement.

Sheriff's deputies said it happened in Aug. The charges were filed in Sept. Busby failed to appear in court in Oct., so a warrant was issued.

Fox 2's Anthony Kiekow tried to speak with Busby at his House Springs home Tuesday, but family members said he was not home.

Randy Grim with the Stray Rescue of St. Louis said he was "shocked" by the charges.

"That is animal abuse too," he said. "If that happened, it should be a felony."

The Jefferson County Prosecutor was not available to comment about the charges Tuesday.

Busby got the puppies from Oklahoma, according to the probable cause statement.

Grim said any animal that is sick should be brought to a rescue or the Humane Society.

"They deserve to be treated humanely,"

They were discovered in the creek while a sheriff's deputy was investigating an unrelated incident.


  • devil

    Instill this country change animal cruelty laws,this will continue,wake up,must be proud parents to this devil son

    • RThom22

      It goes state by state. Some states have amazing animal protection laws…others have appalling ones where animals are essentially property.

  • Kyle Busby petition

    We all need to start a petition to have this sick boy put away for a while. There is no way that this should be misdemeanor. Lets start now and try our best to have him charged with a felony. This “little demented boy” doesn’t deserve freedom. God forbid he happens to “get sick”.

  • Kristin

    First and foremost there is a reason we have animal shelters, humane societies, and vets. Do you know for a fact that these puppies were sick and if they actually took them in to find out professionally. As for putting their money where their mouth is and volunteering to pay, how did they afford to get these puppies from Oklahoma. I’m pretty sure that it would have cost money either to drive and pick them up or even to have them brought up to Missouri. Usually you do not get a puppy much less two if you cant afford to put food in their mouths or being able to take them to a vet to get shots as well as if they are sick. I understand that money is tight for a lot of people right now in this economy. This is why we have volunteers in the animal industry along with people who donate money to animal rescues and other animal shelters. They will always work with you to help with the situation you have at the time.

  • Kate

    Really – littering? This is a sad story and this man is a sick individual. Keep your pets and your children far away from him.

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