Man allegedly breaks into North County school multiple times

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO (KTVI)-- St. Louis County Police are looking for an unknown man who they believe to be responsible for at least four burglaries that happened at Lutheran High School North in the county.

The first incident was in august when the man was caught on surveillance video stealing power tools and keys. He was seen on tape roaming the halls after school hours. Detective Nino Dicandia says he`s confident it`s the same suspect in all of the incidents.

"It`s a large school. There are many doors and windows. We believe that he was being diligent walking around the building and found an open window or door," said Dicanda.

The suspect made two trips to the school in September taking food from the schools concession stand. The latest incident was Monday night  when a computer and 20' monitor were stolen. All of the incidents occurred between 5:30pm and 11pm.

"Back in September in the 15th and 16th the concession stand was broken into and based on the surveillance video taken at a distance we think it`s the same individual," he said.

Lutheran High School North released the following statement:
"Lutheran High School North is a safe school located on a secluded campus. Unfortunately, we have been dealing with some burglaries over the past several weeks. These events are very disturbing. We hope that they can be rectified quickly so that we can focus totally on the Christian education of our students."

The suspect can face second degree burglary charges and the school is taking more precautions.

"We hope that someone will recognize this guy. The school is properly securing and locking the doors inside and in side of each of the classrooms. Lutheran North is doing everything they can and officers are well aware of the problem," he said.

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