Pic of Boston Marathon costume prompts online backlash

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Saginaw, MI (WNEM) — Halloween has come and gone, but a Michigan woman’s choice for a costume is making headlines.

Alicia Lynch, 22, tweeted a picture at work showing her dressed as a victim of the Boston Marathon bombings. Lynch is wearing a Saginaw Valley State University race shirt with fake bloody wounds on her head and legs.

The photo was posted on the website Buzzfeed.com, since then, it has triggered angry comments from hundreds of thousands online.

Since it was posted, Twitter users have been outraged. Lynch says she and her family members have been receiving death threats as a result of the post.

Twitter responded by suspending her account. Lynch was also fired from her job, which sources tell TV5 was at Morley Co. Inc.

Lynch has since apologized for the picture and for the controversial costume. TV5’s Jason Fielder tweeted Monday that a source of his at Saginaw Valley State University stated that despite the SVSU shirt Lynch is wearing as a part of the costume, she is not currently enrolled as a student at the school.

By Wesley Goheen