Special ATV stolen from injured man

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JEFFERSON COUNTY, MO (KTVI)-- Judson Ray is lucky to be alive.  He survived a fireworks factory explosion in March of 2012.  Doctors told his wife there was a 20 percent chance her husband would survive.

Ray is alive but struggling to recover.  He`s also trying to understand why anyone would want steal his ATV.

The vehicle was purchased by family members because it has no foot pedals.  Everything is controlled by hand, making it easier for Ray to use.

"He has gone through so much already over the last year and a half," said Jodi Ray, Judson`s wife. 'They could have taken anything they wanted from me but not that.'

Jodi Ray said her husband uses the ATV every day to get around their 10 acre farm.  She said he also uses it to go the end of the driveway to meet their daughter when she comes home from school.

Jefferson County authorities confirm two ATV`s were taken from the driveway from the Ray`s home on Dry Creek Rd. near De Soto.  The thefts likely happened in the early morning hours of Sunday, November 3rd.

"They do not realize what they have taken away from my husband and what they have done to our family," said Jodi Ray.

She is offering a reward for the return of her husband`s ATV.  She is not disclosing the amount of the reward.

Anyone with information can remain anonymous by contacting the Jefferson County Sheriff Department`s tip line at 636-797-5518.

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