The forgotten victims of violence as told by a 10-year-old

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- A St. Louis woman says she could fill a room with little kids she knows who've lost a parent to a shooting.  She feels they`re usually forgotten and that it`s adding to the violence.

Hope Ross said this about the killings we see every day on the news- "Another murder is just another murder. It has no person, no heart, no soul attached to it."

Ross`s Granddaughter, Gabriel, is the heart and soul behind an unsolved murder ten years ago.  Gabriel was just a baby when someone shot and killed her Dad, also named Gabriel.  So Hope made little Gabe a set of wings.

Gabriel looked at them and said, "It`s kind of like a heart to show."  Grandmother Hope smiled.

The wings were bigger on Gabe when she was five.  Hope made them because it was `bring your father to work day` at Gabe`s school.  Hope remembered, "I didn`t want her to miss that dayand that was a day that she could goand we could make sure her father was represented.

Yet little Gabe always asks about others.  She said, "I think it`s sad for them too because they don`t have no... they don`t have a Dad there to help them."

Once, after seeing another shooting on the news, Gabe turned to Grandma and asked, "'Does that man have children?' and I said, 'I don`t know if he has children.'  She said, 'If he has children, they`ll be just like me, have no father.'  And I said, 'absolutely.' And she said, 'I`m going to write somebody.'  I said 'Oh, Who you gonna write?'  She said 'God.'"

She`s also written community leaders, because she says no one should forget the kids. She fears they may be growing up angry.  Chris Hayes asked, "Do you think some of them feel forgotten?" Gabe answered, "Yes."  Hayes followed up, "Why is that?"  Gabe said, "Because they really don`t have no one to loveand they lost somebody."  Hayes asked, "Do you think there`s a lot of kids like that?"  Gabe said, "Yes."

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  • Scott M

    maybe instead of pretending this is “gun violence” we should start realizing this is “thug violence”
    Maybe there are certain behaviors that contribute to it and are part of it?
    lack of respect for others’ property
    fatherless homes
    glorification of thug culture
    blind obedience to “no snitch rules”
    greed for material goods such as hair extensions, gold teeth, and expensive tennis shoes
    drug use


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