Boy suspended for wearing a purse to school

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GARNETT, KS (KTVI) – A 13-year-old Kansas 8th grader says he was suspended from school for carrying a purse.

Skylar Davis says the Vera Bradley purse is his form of expression.  He adds that girls carry purses, so he should be able to do the same.  Skylar’s vice-principal disagreed and told him to stop carrying the bag.

When Skylar refused, he was suspended. His mother questions the suspension because she found no mention of bags or purses in the school handbook.   She also questions the timing since Skylar has been carrying the bag since August.

The school has not commented on the suspension.


  • Tom

    What if the situation were reversed, a girl sent home for wearing pants? Equality needs to swing both ways or it’s not equality, just special privleges.

  • wendy

    sounds like the principle has issue and maybe is bully himself . HE wasnt hurting anybody like taking a flower back part . Who is it anybody busy what carry his stuff it if it was working for him .and if he confident in doing it no bully going to bother him anyways . Way to go do express yourself

  • tammy

    I believe if girls can wear bags why can’t boys its not hurting anybody. And I’m pretty sure the other kids don’t care you would be surprised at what kids except that grown-ups don’t.

  • Pat Stumpe

    My thought would be was it becoming a distraction to the students getting and education? Sometimes doing something “different” is a way of “acting out”. If he was behaving in a “natural” manner I would have no problem but if he was using it to form a distraction then I would have a problem.

  • Chris

    Found this story linked on a national blog. Talk about giving Kansans a bad name. No, not this 13 year old (shame on the school and good for him). No, I mean every commenter so far who can’t put a coherent sentence together if his/her life depended on it. Except and accept are two different words. Please learn their meanings. And principle and principal. Don’t get me started on their, there, and they’re. Maybe every Kansan needs a refresher course in junior high English.

  • Back to reality

    Jesus, kid. Just because you CAN do something doesn’t mean you SHOULD. seriously, every little thing doesn’t have to be equal. You’re a boy, not a girl…

  • ret

    I think the school has gone too far. I don’t see the problem, if you go back , a few years ago, men were carrying purses and was a fashion then and no one thought anything about it. I know some men that still carry purses and they are all man. If you want to carry a purse do it, it’s your fashion. Women get tat-toos , is this just a manly thing, would you suspend a young lady for wearing a tat-too, i think not. Leave the young man alone, don”t suspended him for a fashion, let’s concentrate on his grades. If you want to suspend someone, look at the ones that’s wearing their pants below their butts. Suspend them or is this one of your children?

  • JJ

    I’m confused why the school had such a problem with the bag. Is that particular Vera Bradley print associated with a gang in that area or something?

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