De Soto toddler hospitalized, relative suspected of abuse

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DE SOTO, MO (KTVI) -A case of severe child abuse involving a two-year-old boy has a lot of residents in the small town of De Soto, Missouri wondering when someone will be arrested now that the case is a week old.

"He's got what appears to be internal injuries, a fractured arm, some other bruising from what appears to be a pretty severe beating," said De Soto Police Chief Don Kraher.

The beating happened sometime between 9:00 P.M Friday, November 1, and 1:00 P.M. Saturday November 2.

The relative, who is an adult, was left to watch the baby while the parents were away at work.

"They came home and took the baby sitter back home. When they returned home, they noticed the child hadn't awoken from its nap, went up and got him and then found some of his injuries," Kraher said.

The parents rushed the baby to the emergency room at St. Anthony`s Medical Center.

The staff called police, and transferred the baby to SSM Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center.

Because the case is still under investigation, police are offering no other details.

That has left De Soto residents reacting to rumors and wondering when someone will be arrested.

"It's so surreal that a person would do that to a young kid," said De Soto resident Allen Bridges. "It doesn't matter if it`s two years old or 12 years old, it shouldn't be done."

Police say they have been taking things slowly to give the parents time to spend at the baby's bedside. But the chief says he is confident there will soon be an arrest.

"Strictly from my perspective, there is a special place in hell for people who do this," said Kraher. "I am relatively certain they will find their way there at some point."

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