NAACP files federal complaint over superintendent’s administrative leave

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BERKELEY, MO (KTVI) – Friday, the Missouri chapter of the NAACP raised the question of whether race played a part in the Ferugson-Florissant superintendent being placed on leave.

The vice-president with the NAACP said the group filed a federal complaint with the Department of Justice and the US Department of Education asking for an investigation into the decision by the Ferguson-Florissant board of education to place Supt. Dr. Art McCoy on administrative leave.

More than 75 supporters gathered Friday calling for the reinstatement of McCoy.


  • csboldt

    Enough with the “racial undercurrents” already. The man was voted in as superintendent in the first place, and the man taking his place while he is on paid leave is also black. The President of the United States is a black man. When will the NAACP stop playing the “race card”?

    • Mike

      It always seems to me that everyone wants to play the race card, no matter who the victim is. I hate the fact that there are so many “black” and “white” groups out there. Why is there a need for a “Black Caucus”?? What about “White” Supremacist Groups?? Not every problem is about race, but the world seems so ready to put that spin on it. Clearly there was a performance issue here that likely needs to be addressed.

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