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Does the St. Louis County municipal courts owe you money?

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(KTVI) - If you've been to the St Louis County Municipal Courts over the past 10 years you may have money owed to you.

The St. Louis County Auditor just released a report criticizing the county's handling of bail money that should have been returned to the people who posted bail to guarantee their appearance in court but never got their money back.

The auditor found returned checks that had been sitting in the files total $65,000

In other cases checks were sent years ago and never cashed.

Under state law such money is supposed to be sent to the treasurers office if the intended recipient isn't found within 2 years.

The treasurer has an elaborate mechanism in place to try to get the money back to the person it's owed to..

But St Louis County was keeping bail money, and things like Jury duty checks that never got to the Juror..for years.

County Officials claimed a county ordinance let them keep the money in escrow accounts.

The Auditor says the County didn't do enough to get it to the people it was owed too.

Now though the County has started forwarding the money to the Treasurers Office

The Treasurers office says $300,000 or more has been sent so far, and they'll work to get it back to you.

If you think you have bail or other money paid to the Municipal Court owed to you, visit Show Me

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