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Smoking study on twins shows aging skin

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(KTVI) - If there was ever a question of what smoking does to your appearance, a new study showed the difference it can truly make.

Dr. David Stoeckel, pulmonologist with SLU-Care, stopped by to talk about the study and what it means for smokers.

The new study looked at sets of twins, one of whom smoked, the other who did not.

Researchers found that the smoking twin looked older 57% of the time.

Those who smoked, had older looking skin around their lips and mouth.  Smokers are also more likely to get jowls, more wrinkles, and bags under their eyes sooner.

So why does this happen?

Smoking reduces the collagen formation in the skin.

This ultimately reduces circulation and causes a decrease in skin elasticity.  These factors lead to premature aging.

This study also took other factors into account such as alcohol consumptions, stress and sunscreen use.

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