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Vandals keep destroying Leadwood park

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LEADWOOD, MO (KTVI)-- Vandals won’t give up, they keep hitting the same park time and again.

It’s happening about 60 miles south of St. Louis in Leadwood, Missouri.

Last week they targeted a big Christmas celebration. Citizens are determined not to let them steal a lot of fun from area youngsters.

Larry Hackworth is a member of the Leadwood Community Betterment Association.  He said, “Everything we do they try to take apart and destroy it.”  He was talking about vandals. Volunteers last Wednesday began installing holiday displays.  The next day volunteers found the lights on the display were tangled, and the display was a mess.

City officials think young people are behind the destruction. Besides the lights, they’ve removed shingles from a pavilion roof, damaged restrooms, made it so little kids couldn’t swing on the new swing set, and wrote curse words on picnic tables constructed by a Boy Scout for his Eagle Award.   Volunteers are angry.  Police don’t have any suspects; they want to install security cameras.  Sgt. Tim Allen said, “When stuff like this happens it will be on camera and hopefully find out who’s doing this.”

Volunteers won’t be stopped by the vandals; they plan to continue decorating the entire park for the holidays.  As one volunteer said, “Christmas is a time to give and a time to rejoice.”


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