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Woman returns puppies she stole from store

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LAKE ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- A strange crime involving three stolen puppies comes to an even stranger end and luckily a happy one.

On Thursday at the Petland Store in Lake St. Louis in a puppy play pen, a two- state crime spree was unleashed.

On security camera video, a customer who has been playing with two dogs in one of the playpens sticks a white Maltese puppy in her purse and sneaks out of the store, strange enough.

But then on Friday, police believe it was that same woman caught on a security camera stealing two white Havanese puppies from two other Petland stores in the Chicago suburbs.

Stranger yet, on Sunday all three stolen puppies were dropped off back at the Lake St. Louis Petland Store by a mysterious bearded man who talked a customer going into the store to take the crate of puppies inside.

So now, all three puppies are here getting acquainted, apparently no worse for the experience.

But the staff of the store is still a little mystified.

Why the woman stole the puppies is as much of a mystery as why she had someone bring them back. But the speculation is that because these particular dogs retail for more than $1,000, they may have been stolen for re-sale, especially because white puppies are very popular around Christmas because they look cute when presented wearing a red bow.

As to why they were brought back, the manager is guessing all the media attention the story is getting made the thief worry she would be caught.

They are also guessing that since the dogs were returned in the Lake St. Louis area, that the thief is from this area instead of Chicago.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Lake St. Louis Police Department.


  • John Elkins

    She did not return them out of the kindness of her heart. Video of her thefting the pups made her nervous about someone recognizing her. Did the crime. Pay the fine! Hope someone still turns her in and her fine is more than she would have gotten for the pups!

  • Chester Davis

    I am sure that she did not do this on her own, someone else in her life knew it was wrong and trying to keep her out of jail, but still she needs to be turned in and pay the price for taking them in the first place. It is a shame that you would get that low to steal a puppy,

  • Deb

    Petland is just a front for puppymills!! If you could see what horrible conditions these “cute little puppies” come from you would NEVER shop there again.

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