New Xbox accidentally shipped early

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FORT WORTH, TX. (CNN) - A store's shipping mistake has put one of this year's most anticipated holiday gifts in lucky hands.

We're talking about the X-Box One.

The official release date is November 22nd.

But for one teen in Fort Worth, Christmas arrived early.

Marie Saavedra has the story.

Attention gamers, tech fiends and parents working on Christmas lists: you're about to be very jealous of 14-year-old Joshua Garza.

Joshua Garza, Got New Xbox Early: I'd been saving up for it all summer.

This Fort Worth freshman wanted the hottest gift of the holiday season.

He decided not to wait for Santa, and instead pre-ordered the updated gaming system from Target to be delivered after its release date, November 22nd.

But then Christmas came way early.

Joshua Garza, Got New Xbox Early: I ordered it November 4th on Monday, and I received it Thursday, November 7th.

Feast your eyes on an accidentally sent out x-box one.

Joshua Garza, Got New Xbox Early: I was completely shocked.

Joshua's brother says it went more like this:

Preston Garza, Brother: He's like, Preston, screaming at the top of his lungs, you won't believe it, I got the Xbox One!

Tech bloggers estimate Garza is one of 150 who received the latest version of Microsoft’s gaming system ahead of its release.

Preston Garza, Brother: As big as Microsoft is, when we started playing, we were listening for helicopters.

All were sent out by target in what the company calls a computer glitch.

Xbox go to Internet Explorer.

But even though Joshua has it, he can't do much with it.

Preston Garza, Brother: There was a problem with the update.

The system isn't connecting, and probably won't for the next 11 days.

But when it does, Garza will have his thumbs at the ready.

Scott Horton, Stepfather: I guess I'll just wait and see what happens! But I'm very eager to play it.

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