Police using shot spotter technology to get head start on crime

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- As shots are fired on the streets of St. Louis, a shot spotter gun fire detection system is activated within 15 seconds. Police Dispatchers at the St. Louis City Police Communications Division gather details and communicate it to officers.

It gives them a heads up on crime in the city, in some cases officers are in route before citizens call in. Lieutenant Colonel Paul Noccherio says the system is a great advancement in their crime fighting technology that helps officers in volatile situations.

"It allows a much more rapid response by our police officers to where that gunfire is occurring. It gives us a better opportunity to catch those suspects who are either firing those weapons or creating some kind ofviolent act," said Noccherio.

The system also allows for quicker response times and evidence collection. Investigators also get insight into how many shots were fired along with pinpointing where shots are fired and the type of gun that was used. There are at least 4 sensors strategically placed throughout north St. Louis.  Police dispatcher Amanda Labriere says getting a jumpstart on scenes is important when investigating crimes.

"I had one for 8 to 10 shots at one time for multiple shotsand it turned out to be verifiedand we had calls in the area," said Labriere.

"We provide them with instantaneous information as its occurring all the time so they know about previous calls they know what`s happening on their beat and who to look for," Noccherio said.

The $250,000 system was paid for by a grant from the department of justice, a system that's helping police fight crime with a new wave of technology.

"It really helps us get the most accurate information the quickest which is really important," Labriere said.

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    It’s good that authorities has come up to this kind of technology to fight crimes. Number of people involved in crimes are increasing so its a relief that authorities came up to something like this. But ordinary citizens, as part of the community, also needs to be vigilant and be more cautious. Here is also a good application to alert your love ones and even nearest 911 in any danger cases, http://safekidzone.com

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