Sprint outage affects St. Louis, KC, Oklahoma City customers

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(KTVI) – Sprint customers are reporting a service outage in the St. Louis area. Customers are taking to Facebook and Twitter to report they cannot make or receive calls.   Some report they can use text messaging or data.

A representative from Sprint first told FOX 2 the voice outage was “caused due to a minor maintenance issue. It started around 5:50 am CT and was resolved at 7:20am CT.” But at 8:45am, another spokeswoman said the company has identified the problemand they are working on it, but there is no estimated time of complete repair.

Sprint says customers in Kansas City, KS & Mo, Oklahoma City and St. Louis were affected, but Sprint says full service should be active at this time.

However, reports continue to come in from viewers that their phones are still not working, and employees in the building who have Sprint phones also do not have service. Twitter continues to be full of people complaining about the lack of service in the St. Louis area.

Some customers have regained service by powering their phones down, then turning them back on.


  • Tiffeny

    okay smartphone users. Go to settings and the system updates and update your prl and profile. this should fix the problem. it worked for me.

  • Fred P.

    My home Sprint Connect 2 phone is now working. I did not have to bounce it–it started answering calls normally just before 09:00 CST.

  • Heather

    My question is what is Sprint going to do for all of their customers who didn’t have service during a VERY busy time of day!? I’m glad my car didn’t break down today on my way to work…

    • Heather

      Times have changed Kelly. If I’m paying for a service I expect it to work when needed. Example: How many people today still have a land line?

  • Beth

    I’d like all of you to remember that when you call customer service and tear into the representative on the other end, that they are NOT Sprint. They are not the owners, the technicians, not involved at ALL with what is wrong with your service or phone. They don’t have a button orthe power to effect you at all. But you do have the power to effect them. When you cuss them out, when you scream and yell because of your inconvenience, when you threaten and whip them….just remember, they are there to try and help you but can’t do miracles. They are someones mother,daughter, father, son, wife or husband who are working to support themselves and others and get paid pretty poorly to be abused the way they are. So….take a deep breath and remember that before you call and make someone cry by spewing your hate. Make someone so upset they bring that anger home to their family. How would YOU feel?

  • Jeremy

    I have the iPhone 5 and my service ain’t working my calls drops,can’t send massages out.. That I know when I got the phone it’s a 4g and my be running on a 3G.. Is crazy because the phone bill be so much and the service ain’t work it… And I’m in Hartford ct and I been having this problem for 2 mouths now caning in and out the sprint store and nothing gets done

  • Tamara Kamler

    I had no service when i got off work at 230 am….I powered my phone off and on several times and then it started working I had no data no calling out nothingI finally got my service back around 6 a.m.

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