Shootout occurs outside north city store

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – Friday, just before 9 pm, a shootout occurred outside a store located in the 1400 block of North Kingshighway in north St. Louis. Two men walking out of a store were approached by two other men, when one of them pulled out a handgun and announced a robbery.

One of victims of the robbery got into a struggle with the gunman, and was shot several times in the neck, cheek and shoulder. As both of the victims fled back into the store; they fired several shots at the suspects.

Both suspects fled to a green SUV, and drove away with the help of a third suspect.

Both victims of the robbery/shooting were taken to the hospital, where police arrested the second victim for gun possession, after being alerted he was a convicted felon.

Police say the gunshot victim is in critical but stable condition.

An investigation is ongoing.



      Jeff and William, you are both exactly correct. I’m just surprised the new censors posted your truthful comments.

  • Jc

    Apparently, the crimes over in north St. Louis here are not deteriorating.white women from coming through they are coming in droves

    • Jc

      Apparently, the crimes over in north st.louis are not deteriorating white women from coming through. They are not afraid. North St. Louis is a very large area. It is true young people are displaying rambunctious behavior. Turn he page back in history when the mafia were killing people on the streets in America. They targeted those primarily were involved in their corrupt endeavors. Same scenario.


        Not even close to the same scenario, in the day it was over big money, area control, or disloyalty. The punks today kill people just because they can or over something petty. These punks have no respect for anyone, including themselves. They have to be called punks because thugs have some respect and can be reasoned with.

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