Washington IL Devastated by Tornado

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WASHINGTON, IL. (KPLR) – Damage in the Washington and Peoria Illinois is significant from Sunday's tornado. Reporter Chris Regnier is in the heart of the damage from the deadly tornado.

Authorities confirm one adult man possibly 51 years old was killed not far from here.

Dozens of others are hurt.

The area where Chris is, used to be an advanced auto parts store. Now, it’s a pile of rubble.

There were workers in here when the twister hit, we’re told they rode out the storm inside and somehow everyone here survived.

This footage a resident shot of the tornado as it tore through this area.

It hit the town of about 15,000 around 11 am Sunday morning, leaving behind tremendous damage.

Illinois State Police say the tornado was on the ground for two to three miles and was about an eighth to a tenth of a mile wide.

Tonight, the power is basically all out in this town.

A curfew went into effect at 6 pm and will remain in effect until 7 am Monday morning.

The swath of damage here is breathtaking.

Dozens of buildings have been destroyed.

Crews worked into the night going through the rubble trying to make sure everyone is out.

At this point, Illinois State Police will not confirm that everyone has been accounted for.

We heard earlier from a woman who lives nearby, saw the tornado, and came to help the victims.

Trooper pierce says there have been some reports of looting.

The Illinois National Guard has been called in to help secure the area.

Authorities do tell us a main shelter has been set up at a church, to help those who need a place to stay.

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