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Family traumatized after three men invade wrong house

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MADISON COUNTY, IL (KTVI)-- Investigators say after 8pm on Friday night three men busted through the front door of a home at the 5200 block of Pine Ridge Drive in Godfrey, Illinois.

Once inside they terrorized a mother, father and two boys ages 11 and 12. They forced the family on the floor with a gun and demanded money that's when Madison County Sheriff Bob Hertz says the home invasion took a strange twist.

"Three masked men forced their way through the front door and assaulted the husband. The suspects believed that the husband had taken some money from a friend by of the three intruders named Josh. However, the homeowners say they don't know anyone by that name.," said Hertz.

The three black males are who are believed to be in their 20's wore black clothing, hooded jackets and covered their faces with ski masks. Police also say the men went to the wrong house.

"We're taking a good look at this as a case of mistaken identity," Hertz said.

After ten minutes inside of the home, two of the three suspects took off with a purse and laptop computer. Meanwhile, the third was forced out by the father who suffered injuries during the attack. Police say the suspects in this case can face charges of home invasion.

"It's a class X felony charge very serious and would merit some time in jail," he said.

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