MO woman calls “WH0R” license plate offensive

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- A Missouri woman is upset about a license plate she was issued last week.

It reads WHOR8X. Deb Levy told Fox 2 it looks like an "offensive" word used to demean woman.

"Who would want to drive around with that word on the back of their car?" she said.

While it is missing an "e," Deb said most people who look at it see a dirty word.

Levy said when she complained she was told she would have to pay $17 if she wanted a new combination of numbers and letters.

"It is not about the money, but when I showed it to them they said it just said who," Levy said. "Can you spell!"

After Fox 2 called the Missouri Department of Revenue Thursday and officials agreed to give her a new plate for free.

"Channel 2 news had to make this happen," Levy said.

Levy said she is happy to be getting a new plate, but until she gets it she is driving with her old expired plate.

"I won't put that offensive plate on my car," she said. "My daughter drives this car."


  • Steve Ehlers

    News reporters are idiots. This was more than likely on a Mazda RX8. So the plate simply means WHO RX8 meaning the car. Seems wasting time on dumb stuff like this is why our country destroyed.

  • Angie

    I didn’t even see that til I read the article. Come on. It isn’t that serious and is not news worthy at all. What people get into on uproar about amazes me.

    • Love the Lord

      I will be praying for you Bye Bye as you are trying so hard to hate God and His people that I can read it in your words. God must be speaking to you and you are fighting it. I am praying for your salvation.

    • Barbara Repko

      I would be considered a religious conservative by the left, but I find nothing offensive in this plate and it doesn’t even spell out “whore”. This pathetic fool just wants attention and free plates.

  • Susie

    I just got the plates with PL5 P1G a couple months ago. She should not of had a extra charge to get the next available plates

  • Kristi Jack

    If you’re saying you don’t see it, you’re minimizing the obviousness of it so you can attack the woman for not wanting that plate. Someone made a very valid point, if she had APPLIED for that plate, they would have deemed it offensive and she wouldn’t have been allowed to have it. License plates are OFTEN vanity plates and if you don’t look for the words on a plate automatically, I don’t want you on my team for the license plate game. It’s there. She doesn’t want it. Big deal. Leave her alone. I wouldn’t want it either. It’s nothing to rake her over the coals about.

  • Rob

    Lol@deb levy the poll here says you’re out numbered why is this worthy of calling the news…that’s ridiculous and why do you feel you deserve a free replacement…if you don’t like it…Pay for a new one

  • Matthew Mashek

    I want to request those exact plates. That would be awesome! !!!!! Lol They seem like famous plates like the phone number song 867 5309. :)

  • lauren

    The who and rx8 is even seperated by a space. And its a zero not an o. Ignorance. And if she read it that way, well, obviously she looked for it. Stop publishing “so called news” stories because I hate hearing about how idiotic people can be. Thank you.

  • thismommysthoughts

    The staff at the DoR didn’t see “whore” but only saw “who” just like everyone else. The only individual who saw “whore” was the dirty-minded person who got offended by it. Quite frankly, she sounds like a type who just likes to look for things to complain about and waste other people’s time. It wasn’t about money…it was about getting attention.

  • Shelly

    Had the same thing happen in Missouri – my plate said FK4JOB. Politely asked for a free replacement and they said they didnt see anything wrong with the plate. So I had to threaten the folks in Jefferson City with sending the picture to Tosh.o or another comedy show to publicly embarrass them. My plate was replaced immediately FOC. Gotta fight for principle :)

  • robert in WA

    “While it is missing an “e,” Deb said most people who look at it see a dirty word. “~~ ACCORDING to the Survey done in this article 77% DO NOT see a problem. WHO is a dirty word??! yOu made urself looK like a whiner n complainer n mOOcher annd i think u owe the state $17 …

  • James B

    So this Lady is upset by a plate with a simple math operation? Guess she doesn’t know how to do simple multiplication. I see the plate says who 15 r 8 x(which is math symbol for multiplication but also can be used in algebra equation). I know the lady missed the 15 on the sticker but not all of us have our minds in the gutter like her.

  • DK

    I’m originally from St. Louis and I’m not sure who are the bigger idiots the woman and her daughter or KTVI-Fox producers for giving her their attention.

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