Winter foot care

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – How often do you look at your feet? Tim Ezell talks with Dr. Annessa Blackmun, a podiatrist, about keeping your feet healthy, especially during the winter.

All age groups should see their podiatrist once a year, just like a regular doctor, optometrist, dentist visit - even if you have no problems.

People with diabetes should see their podiatrist - but so should children and adults who play sports, the elderly, and individuals who may have foot issues, but either think they are normal or ignore the issue.

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Daily foot inspection:

- look at the soles of feet

- look in between toes

- look at toenails( color, thickness, odor)

Common issues that warrant a visit with your local podiatrist

  • heel pain
  • itchy or smelly feet
  • cuts or abrasions on bottom of feet or in between toes
  • ingrowing toenails
  • possible toenail fungus (for example discolored, loose, painful, thick toenails)
  • numbness or tingling in feet
  • gout, sore, swollen, painful feet, knee, hip, or back pain