Car flips over in Ballwin front yard

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(KTVI) - A car is rolled over into the front yard of a home in a Ballwin neighborhood.  The accident was located near the intersection of Crowsnest and Breezeview Drive.

Jennifer Brimer told FOX 2 that, "The car was speeding on Breezeview, didn't quite make the sharp turn onto Crowsnest Drive.  He hit a mailbox, went up on their lawn, then over corrected and hit the fire hydrant which in-turn flipped the car over and rolling it twice onto my neighbors lawn."

Another neighbor told FOX 2 that after the crash there were beer cans everywhere.  The driver of the vehicle ran from the scene from the scene of the accident.

He was later arrested at his home located near the scene of the accident.  The driver of the car will be charged with fleeing the scene of an accident and a DUI.

There was no injuries in this accident.

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  • Al A

    There “was” no injuries in this accident, eh? It has been quite awhile since I was graded on my grammar but I still think it should be were.

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