Elderly woman ripped off by contractor in Festus

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FESTUS, MO (KTVI)-- The 88-year-old woman doesn't have a lot of money.  And now she's worried she won't be able to supplement her income.   Evelyn Carter has lived in the Festus area all of her life.  The house next door to hers belonged to a now deceased relative.   It needs lots of work.  So Ms. Carter hired a guy to fix it up so that she could rent it out.  She expected him to do the following:  "Put new floors down, and put linoleum down and do things like that in the house."

The proposal also calls for a new kitchen sink and counter top.  Cabinets would be primed and painted, a new toilet and vanity for the bathroom.  And he was going to replace the front and rear doors.  The total cost was supposed to be $3,800.00.  But Carter says she gave him a down payment.

"I paid him $2,600.00,  and later on I was supposed to pay... that was more than a third, I mean that was more than half of it," she said.

She's frustrated because she wrote that check on Aug. 29th.  But what confuses us and Mrs. Carter is the man she thought she was hiring asked her to make the check out to a sub-contractor.   "It`s a mess ain`t it?  I guess I just shouldn`t have gave him the money.  I didn`t know," she stated in frustration.

We went to two addresses looking for both men.  We didn't locate them.  But I did speak with the  sub- contractor on the phone.   And he claims he thought the work would be done by the contractor.  He simply wrote up the proposal, cashed the check and turned over the money.

Mrs. Carter says she can`t handle this disappointment.  "I have high blood pressure and stuff like that.  I try to not let it get to me, worry me where I`ll have a stroke or anything like that, just real involved.   I just had to let it go," she said.

We'll continue to follow this for Ms. Carter.  Remember be sure you know the contractor's reputation before you pay him.  And you never want to pay any more than a third before the job, another third at the halfway point and the final third upon completion.

Tips from the Better Business Bureau 


  • Bins Constrution Services

    Would like to know the names involved so we do not hire anyone involved I would also like to offer a 300.00 discount on labor if I may be of any assistants in the fix up of your rental my name is Brett and my phone is 636-232-1782 if you buy the materials required you may make mouthly payments on laber involved Bins Construction Services owner Brett Bins 15 years remodeling experience

    • Margie Downs

      When I read stuff like this it makes me sick with disgust and I would like to know who scammed her as I would not want to do business with them either. I know personally how it feels to be ripped off as I am still trying to collect what I won in small claims against a contractor when I had my house rebuilt after a fire.

  • Juliann Dale

    Hi Brett,
    I’ll help with funding toward her total cost. I can pledge at least $500 to start. Just let me know if they decide to utilize your services.
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Julann Dale

    • Dale Lyle

      It’s good to see “good” people exist and can help this lady out. If I wasn’t unemployed and without back problems I would pitch in also.

  • Doug Justice

    As a contractor, this kind of thing irritates me beyond words! People scamming those in need makes me sick!
    I’m going to jump on Brett’s coat tails and offer 1 days free labor for three men to help this lady out.
    Doug Justice Carpentry, 636-290-5515.
    Let’s see who else we can get to step up to the plate.

  • Margery

    Maybe first thing someone can volunteer to go check the place out. That sounds like a lot of money. I am sure you can get some of the supplies at your cost or off craigslist cheap. That alone of knowing where to start may help :) it is so generous of everyone helping!

  • Nathan Reese

    I would be willing to work for free any weekend to help this cause. Flooring and general construction background, currently working for the #1 door company in the St. Louis area. Nathan Reese – 314-800-5151
    Happy Thanksgiving and God bless

  • Paul Hutto

    Being a local contractor from Festus this makes me sick to my stomach. I will do everything in my power to help Miss Carter out.

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