Father claims 9-year-old son killed in tornado has shown up in recent photo, report says

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MOORE, OK– The father of a 9-year-old boy killed by a tornado, discovered a very peculiar image in a photograph that was taken just a couple months after his son’s death. That’s according to a report from Fox4KC.com via The Daily Mail.

Scott McCabe is the father of Nicolas McCabe, who was one of seven students killed after a tornado struck their third grade classroom at Plaza Towers Elementary School in Oklahoma, back in May of this year. The Daily Mail reports that McCabe claims to have seen an image of his deceased son standing behind his niece in a cell phone picture that was taken on the fourth of July, just a couple months after the tornado hit.

In the picture the boy’s cousin, Madison, is waving a sparkler.

Read the entire report from FOX4KC.com, HERE.



    • shalee

      This has happened to me..the child is moving and the motion and light caused the girl in the picture toblur that’s all that is! Yes this happens on cell phones as well as any other cameras

  • christine

    I’m having a hard time understanding why anyone v would want to prove this father wrong. He was there he will always be there.

  • Jackie Stendeback

    We can all believe in our hearts and/or minds. What ever helps the family heal gets my vote. Regardless of how or why it happened, what a great gift!

    • Paula

      Exactly! It IS a gift…a kindness…if it helps to heal, then so be it. I’m curious though, what the little boy looked like in other pictures.

  • Adam

    That is pretty amazing! Yes, double exposures can occur with a digital camera or cell phone but I don’t want to shred this guy’s moment!! He is clearly with them! I could imagine that if any parent lost a child, any moment like this would be cherished, regardless of how the image got there.

  • Justin Jackson

    I keep seeing comments claiming that double exposures are possible digitally. I did some research, and it is indeed possible. If you have a higher end camera that has a setting for multiple exposures. Unlike film, it is really not feasible that a digital double exposure would happen accidentally. Or from a phone, I find no evidence that there is a cell phone capable of doing it. Sooo, it is possible that the man double exposed the pic on purpose or photo shopped the pic. If you don’t buy either one of these scenarios, well it becomes hard to explain…:)

  • Image

    This is one exposure that acts as two and is extremely common. it’s due to a slow shutter speed(1st exposure lit by light from firework) and then the 2nd exposure lit by flash. It’s not a ghost, spirit, or anything other than what it really is. The phone was likely on a “firework” setting…. which would yield an image…. just like this.

  • pcrane

    I have a photo that has 2 sets of footprint coming from different sides of my daughters grave that end up walking together and appear to go into thin air

  • Amanda W

    the little girl is in pink the little boy behind her is in dark blue or black the faces are clearly different.

  • Angie L

    I believe in double exposure but in this case not . The little boy and little girl look nothing alike . The little girl is wearing glasses and the pic in back is not . I pray that nothing ever happens to my children but if something did , and they showed up in pics later . I would feel comfort and peace knowing they are still with me in spirit . God bless this family

  • Diana

    That and it looks like the boy is wearing a long sleeved shirt with a rounded collar while the girl is wearing a tank top.

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