Avoid pain while shopping for the holidays

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Malls and stores will be jam packed in the coming weeks, and you'll likely load yourself down with your purse, some bags, and more bags.

Dr. Alex Vidan, from Vidan Family Chiropractic, stopped by the studio to talk about some potential problems with carrying all those purchases.

Dr. Vidan suggested several tips in order to help avoid muscle cramps, neck stiffness and back pain.

First of all, Dr. Vidan talked about the importance of using pelvic tilts to reduce stress.

He suggested doing this by tucking your glutes underneath, while pulling your navel toward your spine, then switch, and stick your glutes out.

This pelvic tilt can be a very small movement, but it is great for taking the pressure off your lower back.

He suggests rolling your shoulders backwards several times and then pushing your shoulder blades together.  This will help to stretch out your chest.

Dr. Vidan then talked about the importance of drinking a lot of water.  He said it is vital to drink water and not just coffee all day.  Drinks like coffee will dehydrate your body.

Finally, make sure to have plenty of healthy snacks on hand.  While you're on the go it can be tough to find a healthy snack to keep you going.  Apples, nuts, and homemade trail mix make great on-the-go snacks.

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