“How to fight a baby” video ends with a surprise

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Gavin McInnes writes about viral videos and celebrity gossip for a living.  He is the co-founder of Vice Magazine.  Now, his video titled, “How to fight a baby”  is the story.  The video now has over three million views.

In the video he tells new fathers that they should not be afraid of babys.  He then tosses the infant on the bed, tackles and pretends to choke the child.  The play looks a little rough, but, the child does not appear to be in any danger.

McInnes even shares his secret weapon with his YouTube audience, wind. The child sneers when he blows into his face. He also tickles the baby causing the boy to laugh uncontrollably.

There is a surprise at the ending. McInnes appears wearing an eye bandage. He says his son scratched his cornea.


  • Kristy

    We do this with our nieces and nephews. ‘Body slamming’ them on the bed. They just laugh. Babies are NOT as fragile as people think. And this guy was no where near too rough.

  • Nanette

    When my oldest was nine-months-old, she was in her walker in my mother & dad’s kitchen and I was kneeling at a drawer looking for a lid for a container. She pushed herself over and leaned on my back (hugging me) and said, “ah-aah,” I turned to hug her and her little fingernail went right in my eye. I wound up in the ER with a laceration to my eyeball, but the hug was worth it all! He was too rough with this baby, but right about keeping those thin little nails clipped!

  • Josh

    People are saying negative things to this man but it looks to me like he is just a good daddy. I play much the same way with my boys. I won’t say my wife enjoys our rough housing but we have a blast. How bout instead of negativity applaud this man for being involved with his baby boy. Because there is far to many fathers who don’t spend anytime with their children. Keep on being a daddy buddy I applaud you

  • Anonomys

    Babies are not as fragile as ppl think they are. He would have to use a lot more force/strength than he did to hurt that baby. They actually love the rough housing! Lighten up ppl sheesh!

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