St. Louis is finally getting an Ikea

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - In the final hours before Black Friday, came huge news for shoppers:  St. Louis will get a new Ikea store, after all.

Ikea fans thought the new store now going up in Kansas City meant St. Louis was out of luck.

Sources have confirmed the Swedish retailer will soon announce a new Midtown store here, likely Forest Park and Vandeventer.

The announcement could come as early as next week.

It was sort of "mixed news" for an Ikea shopping and delivery business in St. Louis.

Mark and Emily Schmitz run the business called Expedite StL out of their South County home.

They order and picks up Ikea furniture for customers in St. Louis from the closest Ikea store, which is near Chicago.

Through their business they fell in love with the inexpensive, contemporary yet classic line of furniture that customers put together themselves.

Most of the furnishings in their home are Ikea.

Mark Schmitz wasn’t sure about the ultimate impact on the business, which handles about 60-70 St. Louis Ikea orders every month.   But given the demand here, he said St. Louis was ripe for its own store.

“I believe we deserve one.  Obviously we have the market for it for a small business like us to have been going on for 5 years. “We’d still be able to offer things such as home delivery, doing the shopping for you, which is nice.”

He said it would be business as usual, at least until there was a timetable for the opening of the new store.

Ikea officials would not confirm any details.

A commercial development website reported the store would be built within 18 months.

It’d be a nice addition to the CORTEX development which is slowly revitalizing the area between St. Louis University and the Washington University Medical School, roughly bounded by Grand Center and the Central West End.

See the full report from NextSTL Here: Ikea coming to the City of St. Louis

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  • Joe

    Ikea is not going to come to St. Louis anytime soon and especially put a store in a neighborhood it is rumored to be put in. St. Louis is in between two markets that have each a store, Chicago and Kansas City ( soon ). Plus the time frame to build a store in St. Louis is too short. Kansas City’s was announced last year and is not projected to open until Fall next year. Sorry St. Louis Folks…still gotta drive to Chicago for your Ikea-Wares.

  • James

    They are in the process of building a shopping center at that intersection, that will have a Target and other stores. Because of the proximity to SLU, it is a likely spot. Whether it will get built in a year, is anyones guess..

  • ByeByeToTheRite

    An IKEA at the corner of Forest Park and Vandeventer? Wow, as a lifelong St. Louisan, it still amazes me the blunders big business makes! So they really think that’s a good spot? Well, maybe they’ll get plenty of business from those well-to-do kids at SLU – but that’s about it! I know they are building a shopping center there – is it Target? That might do well there – but not IKEA unless the deep pockets of SLU students’ parents is enough to support it.

  • AC

    So, people will drive to Chicago or KC to shop at Ikea, but only SLU students will support the one actually IN St Louis?

    • ByeByeToTheRite

      Yep – many St. Louisans will drive to Chicago or KC to shop, but won’t dare go downtown or midtown. And with crime and traffic and parking the way it is in the city, you can’t really blame them. I’m not prejudiced against the city as I grew up here, but this is our reality. Plus I’m not too thrilled myself about spending 30 minutes sitting at red lights when there’s hardly any traffice just to go 8 blocks in midtown, where I work. So I don’t see a trek of suburban shoppers flocking to this location any time soon.

  • Lindsay

    I think they should put an IKEA where the Crestwood Mall currently sits. It’s currently up for sale and the location is more suburban, which makes better business sense.

  • Antonio Morrow

    It should be placed on Olive Blvd and North Woods Mill Road in the empty gravel car lot next to Dierburgs in Four Seasons Shopping Center.

  • Stephen

    I think the midtown location makes a lot of sense. IKEA seeks out sites with high interstate visibility. This location is a prime spot in that regard. The site is near 3 college campuses, it is in an area of town that is seeing huge investment and growth from local/national businesses and is near a number of fast growing neighborhoods. IKEA puts more thought and research into location selection than almost any other retailer. This was not some accidental site selection. It was a business decision by an international company that specializes in finding the right location.

  • Jennifer

    Anyone that says that location isn’t good hasn’t been to the city for anything other than a ball game. There are many beautiful and thriving neighborhoods close to that location. Compton Heights, Lafayette Square, Tower Grove, and the Central West End, to name a few, all with gorgeous Victorian MANSIONS that are rehabbed and/or we’ll maintained. Take a look around here, you might be surprised. The city isn’t all college students and sporting events, there’s actually wonderful communities here.

  • Sophi692

    Great responses Jennifer and Stephen. There is a reason why huge malls like Northwest Plaza, Crestwood, and Jamestown don’t exist anymore. I think the location makes excellent sense. Young professionals aren’t buying houses, they are furnishing urban trendy apartments. They want stylish uncomplicated furniture at reasonable prices. Yes people drive to Chicago just to go to IKEA! Be thankful that an INTERNATIONAL retailer desires to build here. It’s great for the cities economy. I think it is exciting!

  • LovingStLouis

    The negativity in this town is amazing. It’s no wonder St. Louis has a self esteem problem. Like IKEA or not, this is a fantastic deal for the entire region as whole! Bashing the city gets us NOWHERE. St. Louis is on the rise and the city is experiencing tremendous growth which benefits EVERYONE. This will be an urban concept for IKEA and the location is perfect. People will come from hours away to shop and spend residual dollars in St. Louis. And having an IKEA will spur more economic development. As for the local residents most likely to shop here, well, those people most likely do not live in Fenton. They live in the densely populated regions from the inner ring suburbs on into the city and down to downtown.

    Be glad that IKEA has chosen St. Louis at all and stop complaining about where it is. If you’re afraid to drive into the big, bad city, then drive to KC to get your IKEA fix. And just FYI, downtown is the fastest growing population anywhere in the region, neighborhood wise.

    It’s time this town started thinking regionally as a whole and not county versus city.

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