Part of Jamestown Mall closed due to lack of heat

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ST, LOUIS COUNTY, MO. (KTVI) – It`s a Black Friday blow for the handful of stores remaining at Jamestown Mall.  St. Louis County inspectors shut down part of the mall on Wednesday after they found a commercial building code violation.   Inspectors received an anonymous tip indicating the mall was very cold.  When inspectors arrived, the temperature was 45 degrees.  County code requires at temperature of at least 68 degrees.

The only stores that will remain open are Macy`s and the J.C. Penney outlet stores.   Those stores have their own heat and shoppers can access the stores without traveling through the unheated part of the mall.

Glenn Brown owns his own insurance business.  His office is inside the mall.

"I don`t know what the owner`s thinking," said Brown.  "You have to have heat."

A St. Louis County spokesman said the decision to close the mall was not arbitrary.  He said code violations must be enforced.

Shopper Kimberly Barnes was pleased the county took action.

"It`s a disgrace," said Barnes.

"It`s a public safety issue," said Wrone.  "We had to close the mall this afternoon."

Wrone said mall management promised that heat would be restored on Saturday.   A county inspector will be ready to clear the way for the mall to open Saturday if the mall temperature climbs to at least 68 degrees.

Jamestown Mall has a history of problems.  Some workers say their paychecks have bounced in the past.  Ownership has changed hands several times.  St. Louis County officials hope to eventually demolish part of the mall and build a mixed-use development, including senior living and retail space.

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