Web World: Black Friday Mayhem videos

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(KTVI) – Black Friday brought with it some of the mayhem we have come to expect. But unfortunately, some people found themselves arrested or hurt while trying to shop on Thanksgiving.

Here are a couple of videos from around the web that show just how crazy Black Friday got in some stores.

Warning: some videos contain profanity

Cops make arrest after fight breaks out over televisions

Stampede at Walmart in Puerto Rico

Madness erupts over $49 DVD players in Fort Worth, TX. One person appears injured in the video.


  • Dawn Marston

    This is sad, it says so much about out society today, if these people were as eager to fight over human rights, animal rights and equality as much as they are a cheap T.V, we would be better off as a human race. Today a lot of new Wal Martians were created, I Q levels dropped dramatically, and the human race has suffered, Merry Christmas

  • Lori Ritchey Weakley

    My SIL was at the Walmart in Brentwood and saw two guys box it out over a pair of head phones. Really? How proud your kid must be. “My dad went to jail so I could have these” SMH. Seriously think before you act.

  • Justin B.

    Went to Walmart in Highland, IL around 10pm. Was quiet and many of the doorbuster items were still there. I don’t understand the madness. Did 90% of my shopping online and this is why. They even had around 10 Xbox Ones just chilling on the shelf. No one going crazy. I feel bad for the workers. Not only having to work crazy hours, but having to deal with complete idiots. Retailers have to change this!

  • Callie

    I think they forgot was the reason for the season really is. I shop online, on cyber Monday. It’s so much easier, and safer. Those people were just idiots. Nothing is worth that!!!!!!

  • anonymous

    If people react like this over frivolous items like TVs and videogames, god forbid we actually have a real crisis where we need to wait in line for food and water. So sad and unnecessary to behave like this people. Goodness.

  • Nanette

    When do retailers start to act proactively in relation to Black Friday. Walmart, many of the stories and videos come your customers. I think a lottery system of some sort or a ticket system could alleviate much of this chaos. I think the big businesses who promote this insanity need to start to change their practices in order to eliminate the frenzy surrounding their “black friday” sales. I’ll admit that it is the people who behave poorly, but clearly that isn’t going to change until the retailers change.

    • kayla

      You right I work at walmart. And this year we had line/crowd control and it helped so much while we did have customers arguing we did not have any fights. So glad.

    • Stephanie

      I guess not ALL Walmarts do this, but the one by my house gives out wrist bands. This eliminates all this crazy non-sense!

  • Mike

    If idiots cant afford a tv and have to fight for the discounted price. You don’t need the tv. You need to feed your children.

    • Blome

      No worries, they can use their food stamps for steak and lobster to feed their kids. Just makes sense to keep a bigger chunk of unemployment by getting it on sale

  • STL Finest

    That woman from the Texas confusion kept hollering about her heart problem shouldn’t have been there if her heart was that bad…..she knew the consequences….smdh

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