Clients report attorney Jeff Witt missing

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(KTVI) – An attorney is reported missing by clients who say he disappeared around Halloween night.  Jeff Witt helped break the 2008 Clayton garage bombing case.  He worked with federal agents and turned state witness against his former client Skip Ohlsen.  Our inquiry found no evidence of a connection between his cooperation and his recent reported disappearance.

Jeff Witt advertises himself as "protection against the raw hand of the law."

One of his clients contacted us when he couldn't find him.

The client said, "He was supposed to show up for court for me and take care of my case for me. I wouldn't need to show up. He gave me a letter to that effect that I did not need to come to court.  Then he did not show up for court on that court dateand I was at risk of being arrested."

The doors are locked at Attorney Witt’s St. Peters office.  Neighbors report they’ve been locked for weeks, with law employees showing up at odd hours.

Several people who work nearby say they’ve met furious clients complaining they’ve been abandoned.

This Wednesday, November 27, the Missouri Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel filed court documents recommending suspension, saying Witt left behind 58 clients.  The documents also allege the clients can't access their files.

Regulators also allege Witt hired disbarred attorney Bernard Becton to help him with cases.  Becton served prison time for forgery.  He currently faces felony theft charges and court records indicate Becton demanded the deposition of Witt in his defense.

We also tried tracking down Witt at his St. Louis County home.  He didn’t answer the door.  Police report they checked on him October 25 and found him alive and well.

Recently, Witt's had a sign on his front office door saying he’d be gone one week. Business neighbors said the sign remained for a month and then came down Thanksgiving day.  We’ll stay on top of the actions against Witt and the clients he reportedly stranded.

Former clients can contact Attorney Kenneth Carp to retrieve their old files.  The Courts appointed Carp to take over some cases and help with abandoned files.  You can contact Carp by calling him at 314-942-3005 or through one of his web-sites,, or

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  • Jennifer James

    he was an a attorney for a friend of mine! i mean what is going to happen to his cases? i was going to use him but ended up using another attorney. i guess that is a good thing

  • Lelia Watermon

    I gave Jeff Witt $500.00 cash to take care of a wrongful billing from a doctor’s offc. The next thing I know is that my wages are being garnished at a 25% rate, at a 9% interest rate. Jeff Witt rech a hearing date, sent in a questionere to Kramer verses Kramer, however Jeff Witt never appeared at the court date, and the Judge in St Charles Co. ruled me guilty and now it’s cotsing me $1000.00 embarrasment thru my job of 16 yrs, it’s tainted my credit and will bruise my possibilty of future employment-I’m highly upset. I never got a notice a reply-nothing-nor was I given a chance to defend myself thru the courts.

      • Lelia Watermon

        Hey you, wow rite. Contact Jeff City for the Mo. Board or attorneys-the disciplinary dept tell them you want to file a claim against Jeff Witt, they will send you a disciplinary form to fill out, they know all about him. 573-635-7400. Sorry you got affected by all of this. They had other attorneys who could have warned us ya know.

  • Uptyt1

    This guy has a lot of friends but to me he is the Devil reincarnated! He had taken THOUSANDS of dollars from my family and my son and done NOTHING! My son is more in jail for 4 months because this guy (I REFUSE to call him an Attorney… He gives the good ones a bad name!) told him he didn’t have to appear in 5 court cases and never showed at ANY of them! In my opinion he left town and is most likely NOT missing. Hopefully this will make my case with the MO Bar easier!!


  • Shelley

    He’s a joke–lost IRS papers that my ex husband forged my name on, sent Bernard the disbarred friend to a custody hearing- who agreed to 50/50 and no child support-didn’t divide assets evenly-completed the child support form wrong-and never completed the order to obtain my stocks that I had been awarded-now to reopen the case it’s gonna cost $$$$–he’s not missing-he’s hiding! I wonder if he had malpractice insurance?? We should all file a class action suit!!!!

    • Lelia Watermon

      I wonder if that would be possible? I mean I had a hearing set for Sept 7th, and because he never showed up my case was closed and I never had a chance. I am permanently scared for life now, with the word garnishment it is going to hurt my credit and my future employment opportunities. I only pray he is alive I would not wish death on anyone especially with 5 children.

  • Former Client

    If you paid Jeff any money, you may want to consider filing something with the Missouri Bar Client Security Fund.

      • Lelia Watermon

        Thank you, I actually started a discipline action against Jeff Witt Monday, it was then I found out that MO. State is fully aware of all of this. Too bad the courthouse and St Charles area isn’t aware-or at least thats what they say. Because it doesn’t seem to matter to them. I’m paying the balance due, and asking for a motion to appear in fron of the judge to ask for the word garnishment be lifted off of me, as it clearly wasnt my fault. So it’s called a ??

    • Lelia Watermon

      Thank you so much. I paid my dues and now I am trying to get the judgement over turned on my own. I’m actually going to attempt to get a motion to set aside the judgement. Because of all of this I now have the word garnishment against me. I’m a fighter so I won’t give up and I pray others will not either. I’ve been told I need to find a probate attorney just in case-I’m unsure about that at this time, because I really pray that Jeff is alive. He has a family who loves him. Happy Holiday’s to you and again thank you for the advise.

      • Former Client

        I spoke with Kenneth Carp, the attorney that is taking over Jeff’s cases, today. He says the judges are being pretty lenient with Jeff’s clients that missed court days. If you haven’t talked to him yet, I highly recommend you call him or try to catch him at Jeff’s office tomorrow. He said he would be there early.

  • Brandi Svenning

    Thanks Mary Ann, its nice to know SOMEONE remembers that he is not this horrible person and genuinely cares.

  • Meagan

    If he genuinely cared he wouldn’t have missed court dates BEFORE he “disappeared” maybe he can so graciously afford to give his friends the shirt off his back because he stole that shirt from the poor shmucks who hired him. Losing thousands of dollars, being misled, and given forged documents by his employees trying to cover his tracks does not sound like a upstanding member of society and furthermore neither does being arrested for driving under the influence of a controlled substance hmm let me take a wild guess why he drained our retainer trusts and never answered the phones. Total scum bag

  • Brandi Svenning

    We all understand you’re upset but go to the right place. There are people that actually care about making sure he is ok instead of focusing on his faults. His kids probably just want to know their daddy is ok and the people that love and care about him are focusing on him being lost not wrong doings.

  • Meagan

    The right place… This entire article is dripping with disdain it’s not in any way suggesting that he is missing because of foul play. Just pointing out he left clients stranded and he has questionable ethics hiring a felon to help with court cases. This article is not about finding Jeff it’s about him stealing his clients money and running away and believe me I have complained in many other avenues way before he ran off. Because of Jeff’s carelessness and theft my kids haven’t been able to see their dad for the holidays either except he has the curtesy to tell them he just can’t afford it after the 1000’s he gave to Jeff and what he now is having to pay a new attorney. He isn’t missing he is in hiding

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