Customers flock to Bass Pro Shop for Black Friday shopping

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ST. CHARLES, MO (KTVI) - Managers at Bass Pro Shop braced for huge crowds and long lines Friday morning as shoppers kicked off Black Friday shopping there.

The crowds came in waves to find those perfect gifts.


  • ByeByeToTheRite

    I just heard the CEO of WalMart talking about how sales are poor – he of course blamed “new tax policies in Washington” and other phony excuses like competition for it, NEVER speaking the truth: WalMart customers HAVE LESS MONEY THESE DAYS BECAUSE EMPLOYERS LIKE WALMART HAVEN’T GIVEN A RAISE IN FOUR YEARS! What a liar, blaming it on “tax policy” like those higher taxes on those making over a QUARTER MILLION a year will impact the average WalMart shopper! But Bass Pro Shop? Upscale, catering to the conservative sportsmen who inherited or stole everything? People who retired from Boeing making $80,000 a year on the taxpayer dime? Well SURE they’re out buying! Probably pretty BUSY at all the UPSCALE shops catering to those well-to-do who still get those Bush welfare handouts!

    • mari

      Quit blaming Bush, everyone knows bama, after 5 years, owns the economic mess we have. Maybe the BP folks are just up early to go looking. Perhaps they are trying to make a positive out of their negative instead of complaining. Look right, quit blaming, and do something for yourself and others.

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