A Houston teen is beaten by a friend and caught on camera

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  • BigGasMan

    That Sharkiesha is probably already destined to a life on welfare anyway. How are you going to sue her? Putting her in jail is just going to get her into the system. Let Sharmical punch her in the face then kick her in the face. Then its over!

    • Anthony Caruso

      With a name like that, it will be a task for her to get a job in the first place, with or without the attitude! Poor girl, born with a hand tied behind her back with such a ridiculous name.

  • ean12967

    This is the culture young blacks live in. Violence is a way of life for them; both in the home and on the street. We all have seen the videos on Youtube. You don’t see mobs of white kids run into stores to rob them or attack strangers at random. It’s a pack mentality.

    Until the community pulls together and help people see violence is not needed it will only continue, and get worse.

    Where’s the parents? Where do these kids learn their violent attitude? It all starts in the home. They are born and raised that way.

    • dee

      no white children just get there parents hand guns and go into malls,schools or lock-up in basement somewhere…wrong is wrong no matter what the color the skin is

  • elly winchester

    Ean yes you do see white kids doing the same thing it is not just african american children doing these things. Where were the parents of the kids shooting up schools? Where they born and raised that way too? The problem is not with just one race. It’s society period. TV, music, books, and idiots who teach their children to hate peolpe of different races. I bet your one of those people who teach your child racism at a young age. How can you expect for people to change when you can. CHANGE STARTS WITH YOU.

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