KCMO Fire Dept: KC firefighter shot and killed by KC police officer

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KANSAS CITY, MO. (WDAF) – A Kansas City, Mo. police officer shot and killed a Kansas City, Mo. firefighter early Sunday morning in downtown Kansas City, according to the Kansas City, Mo. Fire Department.

Sources said Anthony Bruno, the firefighter who was shot and killed, had gotten into a physical altercation with a cab driver outside of the Marriott at 12th and Wyandotte.

According to sources a KCMO police officer, who would been working off duty in uniform at the Marriott, tried to break up the fight when Bruno took off, and the two ended up at 13th and Baltimore.

Allegedly Bruno resisted arrest, and was on top of the officer, hitting him in the head and face. The officer fired two fatal shots before passing out, according to sources with the police department, who said the officer was still unconscious when backup arrived.

KCFD Chief Paul Berardi said in a written statement released Sunday afternoon, It is with a heavy heart that I am confirming that Anthony V. Bruno, a Kansas City firefighter, was the casualty of the officer-involved shooting that occurred early this morning in the 1300 block of Baltimore. Although specific details of the incident are still being gathered, KCPD Chief Forte’ and I have already spoken a number of times and will continue to remain in contact.

Friends and family of the Kansas City Fire Department remember Anthony Bruno of Fire Station 17 as a courageous and dedicated firefighter who had been with the department since 2008. He was a third-generation member of the fire department, his statement went on to say. Bruno leaves behind a father, a retired deputy fire chief, his mother, two sisters of the home, and a new wife.

Kansas City, Mo. Fire Department Battalion Chief and spokesperson, James Garrett, said he believed Bruno was recently married and was celebrating at his wedding reception this weekend.

FOX 4 learned of the deadly shooting early Sunday morning, but at that time neither the fire department nor police department were ready to confirm the connection between a police officer shooting and the shooting of firefighter Anthony Bruno.

But at about noon Sunday, Battalion Chief James Garrett, confirmed Bruno was the victim in the deadly police shooting near the downtown Marriott.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the Bruno family,” said Garrett. “Our heart goes out to the brand new wife and family.”

Kansas City Police say a Kansas City, Mo. police officer shot and killed a man in his 20s early Sunday morning after the officer said the man became dangerous during a struggle.

Police have not yet confirmed the suspect killed by the officer was Bruno.

The police officer was off-duty at the time, but still in uniform, when he heard a dispatch call in which a cab driver reported being assaulted at about 2:30 a.m. in the area of 12th and Wyandotte.

When the officer arrived at the scene, he briefly chased the suspect and caught up with him to arrest him. The officer said the suspect began fighting with the officer in what police say was an ‘assaultive’ manner.

According to police, the officer was seriously injured by the suspect. Fearing for his life, the officer shot his weapon, hitting him in the chest and killing the suspect.

Bruno was a firefighter at Station 17.  He was with Truck 2 on the B shift. He was a cadet with the academy class of Spring 2008 and a graduate of Rockhurst High School.

He has at least one, and reportedly more, family members on the force.


  • Puffy Nuts

    sounds similar to Trayvon Martin altercation… But I’m sure there wont be much media attention cause they both were white….

    • ByeByeToTheRite

      Another big difference, ya Puffy Nut Case, was that the person shot was ACTUALLY BREAKING THE LAW and was in the process of an assault. As we all know, Trevor was simply walking through his neighborhood when he met the redneck loser Zimmerman, who didn’t like “his kind”. So it’s not similar at all except in the mind of the average conservative American, who has no concept of reality anyway.

  • Jacob Antonio

    Nice race-baiting there puffy. This shooter was an actual cop and this guy had pretty clear injuries so not really similar to that altercation. But it will be interesting to see how many people give the “benefit of the doubt” to the shooter relative to the other case though.

  • ByeByeToTheRite

    This isn’t at all like the Trevor case, in fact, it’s more like TWO Zimmerman’s together. Our finest! Man, if that’s the case, we’re in trouble. Well, we’re in trouble. In this case, sounds like the redneck firefighter had it coming – sounds like a real trouble-making arrogant jerk. Can’t judge all firefighters by this one, but it is a fact that some of the most arrogant jerks today are firefighters and police – fat swollen heads and lifetime taxpayer welfare handouts make these guys think they’re just above us little people. Hope the cop recovers and sues the firefighter’s family so they don’t get his welfare handout death benefit.

  • anonymous

    How about a little compassion for the police officer? His family? He will have to endure the fact that he took another life…justifiably so. Everyone loves them firefighters don’t they.

  • Do-you-know?

    Instead of bashing the policeman or firefighter why don’t you have compassion for both families. One family is in distress because their loved one is in the hospital and the other family is mourning due to the loss of a loved one. As far as calling Anthony Bruno a redneck jerk I would have to say you are completely ignorant. You have no idea the circumstances that took place prior to or during the incident. I personally know Anthony and he was a very kind and sweet individual. If you know neither victim and you were not there when this took place then personal attacks on anyone involved are unjustifiable.

  • Really?!?

    To whomever thinks it’s a good idea to bash the police and fire service: Are you up to approach someone assaulting another, putting yourself in harm’s way for the benefit of others? Emergency services workers are some of the most underpaid and underappreciated persons today (also included are teachers, social workers and others that serve the public). And with the attitude and comment you made I can definitively say you’re not a firefighter, police officer or paramedic. Contrary to your statement, we don’t get welfare or handouts. A lot of these people are just trying to make it like everyone else. A day in the life of any person in those professions consists of getting called every name in the book, kicked, punched, spit on and much more that can’t be written. When you come back from a call soaked with the blood of someone shot 5 times, covered with soot from a fire that you worked-to no avail or just got off a horrific car wreck with multiple deaths, you can say all that. Until then, shut your insensitive, ignorant mouth.

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