Merging St. Louis city and county: Why now?

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(KTVI)-The city of St. Louis withdrew from St. Louis County in 1876. Now, a new move is afoot for the city to re-enter the county as a municipality, the same as Chesterfield or Florissant. That would eliminate several city bureaucracies, like the city sheriff and the city collector, and it could save tax dollars.

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A few people want even more. They want a unitary government, where the city and county merge and all individual towns in the county are eliminated. There would be one municipal government, one police department, one fire department. Indianapolis uses this model.

But for now, the idea is much more modest: get the city back as part of the county. The latest group to champion this idea is called Better Together. Executive Director Nancy Rice sat down with Charles Jaco to talk about the organization and about why this idea has again resurfaced.  Rice served as senior aide and political director for Vincent C. Schoemehl during his three terms as Mayor of St. Louis.

There is a group working to prevent a City-County merger. They have a Facebook Page:


  • bob

    No Way!!!!!!!!! I live in the county for a reason. I neither need nor do I wish to have the problems that the Dims in the city have created over the last 6 or so decades of government. Can you say Detroit, Chicago
    New Orleans Dim control I say NO.

  • Just Me

    I agree Bob. The Dems were willing to allow St. Louis to be a separate government until they ruined it. Look at heir tax base. North Side, South Side? I remember going downtown to shop at Famous Barr and the such but guess what they are all GONE. If the city wants to merge with someone let them merge with North County as it’s headed in the same way.

  • Mike Brockman

    Hope you all know that you owe your municipalities existence to St. Louis City. With out it, you wouldn’t enjoy all the wonderful assets in both the city and the county that I’m sure you frequent. I hope you all realize that this is one region and together we are better.

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