Family members can’t find Lawyer Jeffrey Witt

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- The mysterious case of a missing attorney, deepens.  St. Louis County Police say they`re currently investigating the disappearance of Jeff Witt.  Witt is known for turning in his former client, the convicted Clayton garage bomber.

Jeff Witt`s ex-wife filed an official missing persons report on November 22nd.  No one has reported seeing the father of five since then.  Clients started reporting problems months earlier, problems so severe that police tracked down Witt at his home to make sure he was still alive.  That was on October 25th.

One of the last known pictures of Witt is a mug shot.  Clayton Police reported arresting Witt October 14th for driving under the influence of a controlled substance.   Witt`s family doesn`t think thatarrest has anything to do with his disappearance.

Dawn Upton was stunned by our initial report, last Friday, involving Witt`s stranded cases.  Upton said, "I just happened to walk by the TVand I saw you and saw his name and just said oh my god, that`s my lawyer."

Upton hired Witt to fight criminal charges she faces in Lincoln County, including assault. She told me, "My freedom is on the line. I have two kids at home a husband."

She`s not afraid to talk about it, saying she`s not only the victim, but she can also prove it in court.  Upton added, "I kind of feel like I haven`t been heard at all. You know nobody has taken the time to listen to my side, and that`s why I was really happy with Jeff because he actually took the time to listen."

She said Witt didn`t show up to an important court hearing, and now she`s not sure what`s going to happen.  She`s one of dozens.  Clients are now calling Fox 2 wondering about their cases.  They can`t get their filesand they've paid thousands of dollars. The office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel is now investigating, and it generated a near 128 page court document outlining 58 cases in disarray.  Today the Supreme Court of Missouri suspended Witt from practicing law, because of it.

Witt`s web site, advertising `protection against the raw hand of the law,` remains active. His phones are disconnected, and his office doors are locked.  Several eyewitnesses report people with keys coming and going with files, at strange times.

A good friend of Witt`s, who does not want to be identified, says his main concern is finding his friend, even though he also has an active case in danger.   Again, Witt is the father of five kids. His ex-wife reported him missing the Friday before Thanksgiving.  St. Louis County Police are investigating.

Former clients can contact Attorney Kenneth Carp to retrieve their old files.  The Courts appointed Carp to take over some cases and help with abandoned files.  You can contact Carp by calling him at 314-942-3005 or through one of his web-sites,, or

Clients report attorney Jeff Witt missing

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  • chris

    Yeah we paid a couple grand for him to represent me in my case. Now I have to go out and hire a new attorney and pay out more money… I want to know what happened to him… I honestly hope he is okay..

  • Meagan

    This guy is something else he didn’t bother showing up to court even before he “disappeared” amazing how quickly Natasha can send a bill to you but your files well that’s another story. Driving under the influence of a controlled substance… I can take a wild guess why he was so unresponsive.

    • chris

      So true it was so hard to get a hold of the man. And when you did get a hold of someone at the office it was not an attorney and they were giving you legal advice. On top of all that they would schedule meetings and when you took off work early and wasted the gas to show up they would tell me I would have to reschedule because he was either in the hospital, car accident, or in a meeting. Our last court date he didnt even show up and I was never called or could get a hold of anyone to tell me he wasnt coming. We were also lied to and caught it several times but we would get a phone call all the time asking when we would be in to make a payment. Worse experience ever

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