Fast food workers plan to protest for pay this week

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Fast food workers plan to protest for pay. A one-day strike is planned for this Thursday across the US. They demand $15 an hour for their wages.

Officials with the national restaurant association say, increasing wages to $15 would cause restaurants to rely more on automation and end up hiring fewer workers.


  • melissa

    All of the fast food locations in the St Louis area provide $2 an hour service so they should definitely not get any type of raise until people learn to have manners and not an attitude!

  • eternal optimist

    I think I staged that protest. While I was looking for a job so i wouldnt have to collect unemployment I worked at Steak n Shake for minimum wage. You don’t get a break and you work hard. I have never workeso hard abd im use to getting 12.00 an hour. I came in there and toldall the workers how they could go to a restaurant and get valued for their work.10.00 and up. I finally snapped after a manager pushed me and cursed at me. They treat you like your working under slave wages and you should be lucky to get that 200.00 check every two weeks.


    I never have worked at a fast food place lets face it there are really no great jobs out there and for those who have to work in fast food field they make to little to stay above water and feed a family pay rent no medical care. Yes i have seen rude workers but most of them try hard and work hard. Before you bad mouth these people just walk one day in their shoes. Ihope that they get a raise. I’ve been down poor man’s road so i joined the Army and my life got better.

  • teresa

    I had a banking job for 20 years and got nowhere near $15.00 an hour. Now I work my butt off at a hospital cleaning it for 6 yrs and make under $10.00 an hour. It’s a job though.

  • mike davidson

    Fast food jobs are geared towards younger students entering the work force. I do don’t think the positions should be career goals. If you work for a fast food retailer and are unhappy with your job/wages, go to college. I don’t want to hear about how expensive continued education can be. Get loans like everyone else.

  • MedicCowboy

    I think if you work part time, you deserve part time pay. I work full time and had to put myself through school. I currently make just over what they are asking for, and i know it required more skills then would you like fries with that. I am tired of hearing people crying poor me..

  • Lainey

    I say they can make more than $7.25 an hour. I think $9.00 is justifiable. $15.00?!? That’s ridiculous! I’ve worked at my job for over 20 years and don’t make that.

  • Yonne Lexis

    I work with (not for) Ford and I don’t even get paid $15/hour. I work hard every night for $11/hour. Now, I am a supporter for higher pay, but $15/hour just to flip a hamburger and to ask someone for their order, That’s Ludicrous! $8/hour sounds reasonable, maybe $9.

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