Metrolink uses safety system to slow & stop train

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- People who travel the Metro commuter train system in St. Louis are wondering if the accident that killed four and injured many others in New York could happen here.  Tammy Davis, a Metro customer said, “Of course it can happen in any state.”   Another Metro customer, Emanuel Carter added, “It can happen anywhere because I know people are going to be people.”

But Metro officials disagree.  If the cause of the New York accident is excessive speed they said it’s doubtful a similar event would happen in St. Louis.  Ray Friem is a Metro Vice President. “We never even had so much as a close call, safety is job one here we have a great oversight system,” he stated. Friem said if a train is speeding and it comes to a curve a safety system will alert the driver to slow down and if the driver fails to do so in three seconds the computer will stop the train.

Fried said, “We operate one of the safest systems in the country in just about every measurable category.”  The tracks monitor the speed the train is traveling and alerts the driver if the train should slow down. The safety system will also keep trains from crashing into each other.  One Metro customer said, “It makes me feel safer.”

Metro officials said the safety system has stopped trains in the past.

New York train derails; ‘gravel came flying up,’ survivor says

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    Yes, wherever people are involved (especially Americans like the designers of this Fox website where quality or skill is NEVER the most important trait to an employer!) there will be problems. So hopefully, the computer used here on Metro will take over and slow the train down, as they should have in NY. P.S. why the slow comments this morning, while IE uses 90% CPU drawing constant ads? Some more wonders of private enterprise?

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