7-month-old’s leg, ribs fractured; Mother charged with abuse

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FAIRVIEW HEIGHTS, MO (KTVI) – A Fairview Heights woman is in jail for allegedly abusing her 7-week-old baby.

Police arrested Che Watson, 22, after officers were called to Cardinal Glennon Hospital last week.

According to police, doctors caring for the infant reported fractured ribs and a fractured femur.  The baby had been taken to the hospital by family members.

DCFS investigators say the injuries are a result of child abuse. Watson  is charged with two counts of Aggravated Battery to a Child.

Her bond is set at $500,000.


    • antonea

      thats right…i do spank my kids…but i dont beat them until they are bruised and broken up….just teary eyed and sleepy

  • Angel

    I went to high school with her. She was always want ingot o fight people but never showed hostility towards a child. She was so cool she even came to my birthday party. I mean it was over 5 years ago that happened and people change. But praying for her baby.

  • janelle

    DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO BREAK A BABIES CARTLIDGE UNHARDENED BONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some needs to break hers and not treat them and leave her in her cell.

  • Coco

    She loved her baby, i really think she has post partum.. She is a young girl that just had a child to soon. So lets not all be so harsh as there are OLD PERVES looking and abusing kids daily..

  • annoyed

    ok people before you make all of your rude comments you need to get all of the facts. as someone has previously said there is already flaws in this story with the age of the baby along with others. And if the baby has something known as osteogenesis (brittle bone disease) it is very easy for the bone to break.

    Bottom line the case should have been investigated more before they did all of this.

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