Blanket of snow covers Metro East area

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WATERLOO, IL (KTVI)-- Just south of St. Louis the flakes were falling fast Thursday night.  Near Red Bud, Illinois traffic was creeping along the highway.  The ground was covered in white, and the snow continued to fall.  Cars were covered quickly by a frozen blanket and folks had to get out the scrapers to clear the windshields and side windows.

For some people snow is a love-hate relationship.  Connie Stellhorn a real estate agent said, “I like it, it makes everything real pretty, but it doesn’t make doing business as easy as when it’s not here.

In Waterloo, the area around the courthouse is decorated with Christmas lights and holiday displays, and the snow has turned the whole place into a winter wonderland. Roads are snow packed, and drivers are taking it easy, especially 15-year-old Monica Novack and her dad mark.  Mark decided this is a perfect time to take advantage of the weather to teach his daughter a thing or two about driving on slippery roads.

Mark Novack said, “I thought it would be a great opportunity to make sure when she’s not with me she knows what to do that’s what I’m hoping for.  We’re going to find out.”  Monica said, “I’ve never driven in snow before when I get my license hopefully I’ll be able to drive by myself.” She admitted she was nervous but even experienced drivers are on edge on a wintry night.


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