Dooley announces bid for another term; trades jabs with opponent

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- Embattled St. Louis County Executive Charlie Dooley officially announced his bid for another term Thursday night.

His opponent in the August 2014 Primary, Steve Stenger, released the following statement:

"I look forward to discussing the issues with Mr. Dooley over the next several months including my plan to restore trust, credibility and a AAA bond rating to St. Louis County."

Dooley responded to the statement after his announcement.

"You can make your mouth say anything you want it to say, but it don't make it so," Dooley said. "Steve has never done anything."

The county lost its AAA bond rating under Dooley's leadership, but Dooley said a change in the rating system caused the county to loose the AAA rating.

"The goal for my team is always to get that back," Dooley said.

The rating is used to measureability to meet financial commitments.

AAA is the highest rating.

Dooley is backed by the UAW Local 2250, St. Louis City Mayor Slay, Congressman Clay and others.

"Steve will not get more votes than me," Dooley said.



  • Ed Golterman

    Do something for taxpayers of St. Louis County: End the Zoo-Museums tax-unnecessary. They are money-making machines. The Zoo and Museums are raking it in from their “Lights”. Stop paying off Dome and Ballpark bonds- no returns on investments. And make sure you get the County’s 20% cut of the sales tax increase since the County kicks in 80% of the new revenue controlled by Downtown, City to Arch to River,
    and Gateway Greenway. It’s about economics, not politics.

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