Jefferson County hit hard by winter storm

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FESTUS, MO (KTVI)-- In Festus, the snow started Thursday afternoon with a burst of sleet around lunchtime, then a break. And then a mess.

Snow began falling hard just as the sun was setting, and drivers were hitting the roads.

The streets, especially the side streets, got slick pretty fast but for a lot of people, the real problem was ice not just on the pavement but on their windshields.

"This is the sixth time I have had to stop and get the ice off of there just so it doesn`t get stuck on the windshield," said driver Julie DeMent, who was using a credit card to scape her windows because she forgot to bring an ice scraper.

Others had the right tools but still had to stop to keep their wipers clean.

"It took me just over an hour to get from Park Hills to Festus, going about 30 to 35 miles an hour," said Cindy White. "I saw a lot of accidents along the way. It`s horrible."

But not everyone is upset by the snow.

"Normally you`re lucky to get something before Christmas time so this is early and, especially when they are talking for multiple days," said private plow owner Lonnie Compton.

Rhonda Durham found the snow reason enough to change her plans for the night.

"I live in St. Louis, but I think I going to stay at my mom`s house tonight," she said.
"It`s pretty slick."

As for Cindy White, who had been heading to St. Louis to pick up her husband at Lambert Field, she was hoping to stay at a hotel instead of driving back home to Poplar Bluff but she wasn`t sure.

"He might want to go home," she said.

But if he does, she plans to make him drive.

"My nerves are shot."

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