At least 9 inches of snow falls in Farmington

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FARMINGTON, MO (KTVI)-- Farmington residents woke Friday morning to strong snow flurries that left at least nine inches of snow on the ground.  Visibility remained poor well into the afternoon.

Residents who could stay home did giving road crews room to plough.  But there were some morning accidents along major highways in St. Francois County.  Motorists slipped off roadways and wound up in ditches.  No serious injuries were reported.

Local restaurants missed their normal Friday lunch crowd due to the snow. A bar and restaurant across the street from the St. Francois County Courthouse opened late and closed early after only serving two tables of guests.  Other shops and officers in the historic district of Farmington remained closed.  The Courthouse was closed at noontime.

A young woman working at '12 West' on Columbia St. said the snow fall was the heaviest she could remember in at least a decade.   "It is pretty crazy we got this much snow;  the community is staying indoors today," said Rachael Clemons.

Schools remained closed and some banks downtown closed early.

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