Bigfoot hunters seek Sasquatch in South Carolina

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SENECA, SC (WHNS) — The legendary “Sasquatch” may be living in South Carolina – at least that’s what a group of paranormal investigators in the Upstate are trying to prove.

The group, Carolina Society for Paranormal Research and Investigation, Inc. (CSPRI), is looking for Bigfoot in the woods of Oconee County, though they asked that we not disclose the exact location of their search.

“We want to see it. We want to shake hands with it. We want to talk to it,” said Brandon Hudgens, director of CSPRI.

“There have been sightings in this area dating back to the ’70s,” he said. “We’ve found footprints, wood structures, just different out-of-the-ordinary movement of limbs and branches and trees, broken trees from the base of the tree, where it has been physically moved.”

The group has casts of alleged “footprints” belonging to the creature.

“The print is about 18 inches in length and about 8 to 9 inches in width. You can see a little bit of the toes here and a good heel imprint,” said Dennis Carroll, the head of investigation.

The investigators also found various “nests” they say could not have been created simply by weather or wind movement. Limbs appear to be intertwined and woven together, creating a nest.

“We’re not gonna say that bigfoot is out here, but something’s out here in the woods, and that’s what we’re here for and that’s what investigations are for,” said Carroll.

There will be a bigger Bigfoot hunt on Saturday, Dec. 14 for members of CSPRI.

By Andrew Reeser

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  • adventureseeker

    Is this all the evidence they have…..I know researchers who have 10 times the amount of evidence than these guys do! Why not do a story on someone who has real evidence than some group who stumbled upon things anyone can find in the woods if you spend enough time out there!

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