Missouri finalizes offer to Boeing

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(KTVI)-- The state of Missouri has now finalized its offer to Boeing to build the 777x commercial airliner in St. Louis.

It appears that what happened in Jefferson City Friday resulted in Missouri’s best offer, but is it an offer Boeing can't refuse?

The Missouri legislature moved quickly and with bipartisanship to approve a bill that would offer the aerospace company as much as $1.7 billion worth of incentives over 23 years.  The house passed the bill Friday by a vote of 127 to 20, the senate approved it earlier this week 23 to 8.  It now goes to the governor for his signature.  Governor Nixon Friday issued a statement saying "we are in a very strong position to compete.'

It’s going to be tough competition for Missouri to land the assembly plant to build the 777x.  Boeing asked more than a dozen states to submit bids for the plant by next Tuesday. Washington State, Alabama, South Carolina, Georgia and Missouri are among those states and now comes word that the country of Japan has shown strong interest in making an offer to Boeing.

Missouri`s proposed incentives would be linked to the number of jobs created. The company projects a full assembly plant would employ 8,500 people at its peak in 2024. Even a partial plant could yield nearly 2,800 jobs.  Winning even a portion of the work would be a huge victory for St. Louis.  Boeing already makes military aircraft in St. Louis and employs about 15,000 people in Missouri.

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  • ByeByeToTheRite

    Wow, it’s hard to believe we waste so much tax money in America to pay 15,000 people to do something completely unnecessary and useless, for the most part! Good thing we’re not spending that money on Obamacare and maybe pay that many people to do IMPORTANT work for real people with it! But I guess it’s not enough to just take our billions in military waste, but also get another welfare tax handout at our expense to boot! One word: Welfare. Do you work at Boeing? Just think, you’re on welfare! Do you have stock in Boeing? Lazy welfare freeloader – don’t even WORK for your welfare! Yes, we have become a welfare state, alright. Even aircraft manufacturers now depend on government welfare entitlements! I hope we lose the bid – and we will. There will always be another state willing to tax working class people even more to give them an even bigger handout.

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